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Friday, April 27, 2012

Its All About #BERSHIT. Please Share.

Bersih Bertujuan Menutup Kemaluan Anwar

1. Do we really need Bersih 3.0?
Yes we do. There has been no commitment to reform before GE13.  Instead we are continuously uncovering evidence of irregularities which are not being addressed.
This is a lie. The EC has made numerous changes. EC even explained to the opposition leaders. 10 opposition MPs attended explanation session from EC, led by YB Nurul Izzah. EC answered all question until opposition MPs exhausted. There is no issue of if irregularities. It is exploited by opposition for general election
2. Why such a rush to have it on 28 April 2012?
All indications are that the ruling party is rushing to hold the elections. If the government is genuine in implementing reform, they have plenty of time to do it as they have until June 2013 to hold GE13.  We have no choice but to act quickly if we want to have any hope of reform before  GE 13.
This is a lie. The EC has made numerous changes and electoral reform before GE 13. From the first PSC report, 7 of 10 demands have been implemented before GE 13. What more you want. Give SPR the chance. The other 3 demand require constitutional change and detailed study because there is serious implication. You have to give a chance to EC. Politically motivated.
3. Are opposition political parties hijacking Bersih?
Bersih is led by civil society with endorsements from 84 NGOs. This is an NGO movement and no political party can hijack it.  Members of ALL political parties are invited to participate and should participate as citizens.      
It is a lie. Political parties are hiding behind BERSIH. Opposition parties have been having meetings with BERSIH members at MPPJ office at regularly basis. Political party committed to mobilize their supporters and fund to ensure BERSIH success. BERSIH success is equal to opposition party success for GE. Do you want to tell a lie? Anwar was invited to launch BERSIH Perlis chapter in Arau. BERSIH leadership lead by Ambiga just to prove BERSIH are legal.
4. Do you agree with anything in the PSC report?
Yes.  We have outlined some of the good points in our detailed response to the 22 recommendations. Most importantly, not even one recommendation is categorically scheduled to take place before GE 13. The key demands of CLEAN ELECTORAL ROLLS and REFORM OF THE POSTAL BALLOT have not been meaningfully met.  The need to STOP CORRUPTION AND DIRTY POLITICS in relation to electoral offences and standards of conduct were not even mentioned by the PSC.
This is the biggest lie ever recorded. EC has responded and implementing the recommendation of PSC. Electoral roll has been clean and more than 42,000 registered voters have been taken out. You blatantly lied the postal voters have been cancel and replace by early voting. It impossible that you dont understand the changes. Why you should tell lie? Are you planning dirty politics?
5. Is the recommendation in relation to free and fair access to media a good one?
Yes it is. However it is limited as it deals with access to media during the campaign period only. But there is nothing stopping the government from immediately ensuring free and fair access to the media if they are sincere in their commitment to reform, as they have said they are.
What more do you want? From nothing to something you get. Is it not good start? That the reason you go to street is to disturbing the rakyat and put sand to the rice bowl of hawkers. You are inconsiderate, selfish with political interest and you pretend to champion of people.
6. Were there any good reasons why overseas voters are not allowed to vote as absentee voters?
NO and it is simply not acceptable that the PSC have recommended a further study on this.  Civil Society group have submitted detailed proposals as to how voting for overseas Malaysians  may be carried out. This means that an estimated 1 to 2 million overseas Malaysians will be disenfranchised. They should JUST IMPLEMENT this demand.
Are you crazy? You mean to say people would give up citizenship; PR to another country, not loyal to this country should give a chance to vote. Second aspect, you are accusing EC is cheating the people for postal vote but supporting overseas voters like you protest one postal vote but supporting another 4 postal votes. Are you insane? EC took the right decision to study carefully, look all aspect and serious implication before deciding this issue.
7. Why is BERSIH 3.0 nationwide?
We will see Malaysians everywhere - national and global, take ownership of their right to free and fair elections and the democratic processes in the country.  This is our Malaysia.  We want to make it better.
Are you sure what you want? The way you organizing BERSIH, you are making this country chaotic. Malaysia not equal to Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Tunisia. We are never to that league. You are doing this politically motivated and you know Najib administrations doing well, rakyat are supporting and give the real trust. With chaos, that is the way you want to embarrass this country and make sure Malaysia become the another pariah state.
8. Why is Himpunan Hijau joining Bersih 3.0?
Bersih 3.0 is a platform for all Malaysians to demand free and fair elections.  Himpunan Hijau believes that without clean elections we cannot have a clean environment.  We welcome their support.
A primary school child can tell you that the exploitation the Hijau, again have no value and mislead the rakyat. You attack Lynas because BN rule Pahang. Why you dont do the same thing to solar panel in Penang? More harmful radioactive than Lynas. You are supporting opposition and close two eyes. Politically motivated.
9. Why are you asking for the members of the Election Commission (EC) to resign?
The EC has been and is undermining the integrity of the electoral process.  They have failed in their constitutional duty to the rakyat.  The resignation of the commissioners will be the first step towards genuine reform.
You are confused. When you and your friend from opposition have session with EC, how come you are exhausted to ask question and accept all explanation. If you ask EC member to resign, why dont you ask 10 opposition MPs that attend the EC explanation to resign first because misleading the rakyat.
10. Why do we need international observers for the next General Elections?
International election observation can promote public confidence and their presence may deter and expose irregularities and fraud. International election monitoring has become widely accepted around the world and plays an important role in providing accurate and impartial assessments about the integrity of the electoral processes in a democratic polity.
If the electoral process lack of integrity how did the opposition get many seat and deny BN two third majority. This question has been post so many times and no convincing answer. Obviously no convincing answer to held opposition, the dirtiest and stickiest thing on earth.

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